Founder Skills for Kids

Live online courses for children ages 9-15 that equip them with future skills. Delivered by Doyobi’s team of educators, and designed in collaboration with successful founders building the next big thing.

Only 25 seats available per cohort. Registrations closing soon!

Our Courses

About The Course Facilitators

Miriam Elnaggar

Senior Learning Experience Designer at Doyobi

With over 10 years of experience teaching different curricula across a range of schools, Miriam believes that students of all ages learn best when they're enjoying the process. She strives to create a positive, fun and interactive environment for the growing community of learners.

Prerna (Penny) Gupta

Co-Founder and Head of Product at

As an aspiring primary educator and Forest School facilitator, Penny believes that teaching presents the rare opportunity to learn from the waves of progress in all fields and apply it to nurture responsible, caring citizens.

Celeste Ang

Senior Learning Experience Designer at Doyobi

Celeste has 5 years of experience teaching coding and Scratch to kids at Saturday Kids. She has a keen interest in coding and believes that all students should be exposed to coding. She aims to make coding fun for all learners.

About the course

Currently Available Courses

Based on the 6 Cs of 21st Century Education - Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Citizenship and Character.

Critical Thinking Series:
How To Think From First Principles

Designed in collaboration with Firas Alsuwaigh, co-founder and CSO of Ninja Van, who advocates the efficacy of solving complex problems using simple solutions.

Communication Series:
Be Great With People

Designed in collaboration with Oswald Yeo, co-founder and CEO of Glints, who champions effective communication skills as a necessary asset to becoming an admirable leader.

Character Education Series:
Be A Better You

Designed in collaboration with Tu Ngo, co-founder and Chairwoman of  YOLA Education, who strongly believes that self-awareness is key in building and leading triumphant companies.

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What Founders in the Region are saying

Be a better you founder

"The learning experience focuses on building the learners' inquiry skills, promoting social learning behaviours and building a meaningful community for continuous learning."


Communication 101 founder

"This course equips learners with essential communication skills.  Students will learn the art of communicating from both sides: as a speaker, and as a listener. Learn how to use your words, tone, expressions and body language effectively to navigate through a variety of conversations."


Firas Alsuwaigh

"First Principles Thinking is the most important quality he looks for in employees. Most people apply complex solutions to difficult problems. The best people find simple ones. Simple solutions require you to reduce problems to their first principles."

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Ninja Van

Future Skills Recommended by Successful Founders

Communication Skills
Software Engineering is largely about communication; writing code and documentation that teammates can understand, explaining technical products and decisions to non-technical people. Engineers with poor communication do not pass interviews, at least not with the good tech companies.
Kai, CEO of Rocket Academy
Critical Thinking Skills
"The ones who are strong in logic / critical thinking are able to get to the root of the issue and untangle it permanently thereafter, whereas if one takes things at face value only the issue-at-hand gets resolved."
Naga, CEO of ErudiFi
Character Education Skills
The solution for finding and preserving self-motivation is to keep learning and can be linked with being optimistic because in the lens of a manager, my best recruits are usually those who truly enjoy their work, know why they're there and have good self learning skills.
Tu Ngo, co-founder and Chairwoman of  YOLA Education